Day Club

‘Miriam Grace Club is no ordinary dementia day centre’


The Miriam Grace Club offers a broad, balanced collection of activities and days out that stimulate and engage the senses to support a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Using both Montessori and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) techniques, our holistic approach encourages independence, decision-making, social connections and living with purpose whilst building confidence and self-esteem.

Introducing new experiences and focusing on member’s hobbies and interests, our interactive curriculum centres around six key areas.

Arts and Culture
Visiting galleries, museums and concert halls, our Arts and Culture workshop stretches from traditional paintings and musical events to an eclectic selection of performing arts and literary recitals. Workshops are led by novice and skilled local Artists who encourage members to have fun, explore their creativity, and experience the emotional and intellectual stimulation of art.

Sound of Music
Uplifting for both mood and energy, our Sound of Music workshop is all about dancing, singing and indulging musical memories through listening and making music. Embedded in the fabric of human culture,  certain songs and musical compositions can trigger a reminiscent connection and an emotional response allowing members to engage in moments of nostalgia.

Mind and Matter
Boosting memory and mental agility, our Mind & Matter workshop gives the brain a good workout to strengthen attention, cognitive speed, logic, memory, language skills, and visual processing.

Having fun with a puzzle, trying your hand at cards, learning a new skill or competing in a game are just a few exercises used to improve confidence and maintain a healthy mind.

Keep Fit
Walking, dancing, swimming, yoga, and gardening are a few examples of physical activity we have incorporated into our programme. To further support our members in maintaining independence, we offer gentle exercise and chair based classes to help improve strength, stretch and balance.

Culinary Comforts
Familiar smells and tastes from childhood and overseas adventures can help restore emotional calm and stimulate appetite. A great opportunity to socialise with others and share inspiring stories about our food and drink, cooking together is an enjoyable way to maintain skills in the kitchen and introduce delicious healthy habits.

Day Trips
As our memories are often linked to certain locations, scents or people, the outdoors can provide an excellent place to spark fond memories and reintroduce feelings of connection.

Popping out to local shops, restaurants and parks allows members to maintain community links, whilst organised visits to Museums, Art Galleries, Theatre and Musical Performances offer enjoyable multi-sensory experiences.