The Miriam Grace Experience

Mon – Thurs
10am – 4pm

The Miriam Grace Club offers its members, living with mild to moderate dementia, a sanctuary to relax and recharge through the art of reminiscence and recreation.

The Club is designed with members’ happiness, health and emotional wellbeing in mind which is why we deliver activities in an intimate setting with an enhanced level of care and attention.

Classical concerts, poetry recitals, golf outings, creative workshops, keep fit classes and curated cultural tours are just some of the activities we deliver; and through music, food and fashion, our themed afternoon soirees offer a high spirited social setting encouraging members to foster friendships and create new connections.

We understand that each dementia journey is unique and different strengths, abilities and challenges can be experienced along the way. For this reason, we ensure our club activities are tailored to encompass individual interests and cognitive abilities to promote self-confidence and independence.

Families can have peace of mind that our members are being cared for by a dedicated, professional team who share an ethos of patience, kindness and compassion.

We have a genuine desire to provide an engaging and stimulating environment in an accessible and authentic way.