About Us

Miriam Grace was founded on the belief that every person living with dementia deserves to live a full and active life.

With over 15 years combined experience in senior care, healthcare and hospitality, we started a journey to create an exclusive dementia club unlike any other. With this simple ambition in mind, we designed a dynamic memory care programme where every detail has been carefully thought through to help our members feel connected and involved.

Using a combination of established practices and evidence based therapies proven to help manage and alleviate dementia symptoms, the Miriam Grace Method places an emphasis on encouraging independence, empowering freedom of choice, nurturing personal connections and championing individuality.

United by these values, the Miriam Grace team bring a high level of experience and commitment to achieve a new standard of excellence. We are extremely passionate about improving the quality of life of our members and respect their strong determination to stay independent for longer.

We aim to fill each day with laughter, curiosity, fun, meaningful experiences and beautiful moments.

Our priority is to get to know you.
Our purpose is to support you to live well with your dementia.
Our passion is to empower you to create a lifestyle you want to live.